Aka throttle wheel for Mikuni carbs, 12 positions, 18mm throw. Works on Krash. Select: Soft Throttle Spring $21.95ea For Mikuni carbs, Also works on Krash carbs and other carbs based off a Mikuni design. ... 10ft section available in these sizes 1/8" primer line, 1/4" fuel line or 3/8" cooling line. Not a kit.

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Mikuni carb fuel line size

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Mikuni TM Series Flatslide And Pumper Carburetors. $163.49 $129.95. Add to cart. Mikuni HSR TM Carburetor 42MM 45MM 48MM Standard or Polished. $375.00 $304.95. Add to cart. Honda XR650R Mikuni TM40 Carburetor Kit. $469.00. Add to cart. It should have keihen cv style carbs or standard mikunis. The mikuni VM carbs are the way to go. ... #5 · Nov 12, 2011. Only show this user. Stock carbs info from the GS750 Manual: 1977-1979 GS750E Specs in mm. Carb Type- Mikuni VM26SS Bore Size- 26 ID# - 45030 Idle r/min - 1050 +/- 50 Fuel Level - 2.5-3.5 Float Height - 25-27 mm Main Jet. Harley's standard fuel line size is 1/4". (This diameter refers to the inside diameter of the hose.) 2) The standard fuel line size for the Mikuni HSR fuel fitting (p/n: TM40/27) is 5/16". 3) Standard Harley fuel line does fit over the Mikuni with some lubrication and effort. 4). Install and tighten the clamps. Put your fuel hose on the fuel inlet (between carburetors 2 and 3) and use a hose clamp to secure it. Use 1/4" or 5/16" ID fuel line and an inline filter. Fuel Hose w/Filter and New Pods Installed. This image shows a Mikuni BS34 carburetor assembly installed with pod air filters and fuel line.

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One of the real advantages to having this carb is that you can set off for your adventure at 4,000ft and end at 11,000ft and still have the same jetting. I dare you to try that with an FCR carb, it would be dying before it hit 8,500ft. The main jets for the mikuni BST-40 carb work in increments of 2.5. Mikuni Fuel Pump Grommet (ALL carbs with Fuel Pump Plate) OSD1517. $2.49. Add: Mikuni Fuel Pump Disc - fits 38/40/44. OSD1515. ... OEM Mikuni High Speed Jet - Size 100. HSJ1000. $3.99. Add: OEM Mikuni High Speed Jet - Size 102.5. HSJ1025. $3.99. ... Mikuni Carb Specs Mikuni Test Tips/Tricks MPEM Ref & Programming Non-Wired MPEM Test. Jan 23, 2018 · Set the idle air screw halfway between these extremes, or at a nearby setting where the engine runs fastest. Back out the throttle stop screw to reduce the idle speed to what you want. Then re-check the idle air screw adjustment and reset to the place where the engine idles fastest or smoothest. DIALING IN THE PILOT JET..

Mikuni Carburetor Parts Shop. On this page you will find all Mikuni related carburetor parts. ... Replacement elements for Sytec in-line fuel filter PRO896. Sytec. PRO896. 9503295264160. Delivery time: In stock and ready to ship. Add to cart. ... Jet size gauge 0.5 to 1.5 mm. Carburetor Tools. JSG01. 9504996113696. Delivery time: In stock and. Inside contained all the pieces of the Mikuni carb kit. Carb assembly, fule lines, throttle cables, K&N filters, and the instructions. I didn’t notice any damage at first. One thing I noticed right away was the size difference between the Mikuni HSR42 setup, and the stock Keihin CVK’s. ... I have the fuel line pointing toward the right side.

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If you are asking what size fuel line is used with this carb, 8mm (5/16) is the size of the fuel nipple on the carb, but 1/4" fuel line is available at most auto part stores. It's a snug fit, but works as well if not better than 5/16 inch line. If you are asking for the actual ID of the pipe on the VM26, it is approx 5.25mm.. Harley's standard fuel line size is 1/4". (This diameter refers to the inside diameter of the ....

According to the parts diagram (see second link below) the fuel supply line for the 1983 KZ750-K1 is 7.5mm inside diameter. I would think a 1/4" line might be too tight and that a 5/16" line would work well. Ed. www.kzrider.com/forum/3-carburetor/59932...the-fuel-line#685995.

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